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Author Topic: multi-button free-vend wiring mod...  (Read 250 times)
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« on: November 21, 2020, 09:00:31 pm »

I get asked this one quite a bit...

How do I wire my early push-button can/bottle vendor so it will free-vend without the credit relay or coinmech involved....

basically the early can-vendors like the VMC/Faygo 5-button shown with 120 volt vending control wiring uses a daisy-chained control circuit , and if you've ever had the pleasure of trying to sort out the rats nest of wiring involved down on the bottom of the serpentine can-rack at gate assembly, this little wiring mod can help you set your machine up for free-vending,  so you push any selection button & the machine will vend a can,  the modification will bypass the coinmech & credit relay interlocks that often screw up due to bad micro-switches down on the vending gate mechanism..

1st;       unplug the machine, don't be stupid & work on a live circuit.

2nd ;    utilizing some wiring line-taps like I show in the pictures,  tap into the first selection switched left-hand connector as show & run the new wire over to the square tin-can  the coinmech is plugged into which contains the credit relay & vending circuit breaker, next land your new wire onto the hot-side / (outward facing terminal)  of the circuit breaker, this is your 120 volt source/tap... now make sure everything is insulated if you are not using self-insulating taps like I'm showing

3rd;    plug the machine back in & test all selections...push a button ...get a pop

NOTE: again this will allow the machine to vend without coins or a coinmech for that matter, many times the old brass wiring connectors on the micro switches break or corrode & this can prevent the credit relay from latching, this mod bypasses all of that interlock circuity but it won't fix a busted vending selection / column, and remember most old gate-vending machines like these require a minimum number of cans in each & every column whether they vend or not.. or this too can lead to disabling of the vending buttons.     Also note that this circuit mod will work on most modern low-voltage multi-mutton machines as well, you'll just be dealing with 24 Volts D.C. in most cases

So what do you think... open to feed-back & questions.

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