Mills 29-DS
Mills 29-DS


Vending Capacity:    29 Bottles

Precool Capacity:  43 Bottles  

Dimensions:  Unknown height, 31" wide, 25 1/2" deep

Weight:    N/A

Production Dates:    Early & mid 1940's

Price New:    N/A

Comments:    The Mills 29-DS was discovered in a Mills pamphlet. We never saw this model or knew of its existance. The literature referred to this cooler as The Vendo. This model came in both "ice" and electrical refrigeration. This may be a similar vendor as many of the Vendo Coin-Operated Tops; secure the Mills Vending Top onto an existing cooler thus converting to coin-operation. We are unsure of manufacture dates, but the literature included Mills 47 which helped us narrow down production dates. It's interesting to note the cooler itself apears to be an early Cavalier or Westinghouse model.