VMC 27
VMC 27
VMC 27


Vending Capacity:   27 Bottles

Precool Capacity:   10 Bottles

Dimensions:   27" (57" on stand) high, 24" wide, 19" deep

Weight:   N/A

Production Dates:   1948 - 1951

Price New:   $125.00

Comments:   The VMC 27 is Vendorlator's smallest soda machine. Many people refer to this model as the Table Top model. An optional pipe stand was available from Vendorlator as was a rare accessory stand from Kay Display Products. Due to the aluminum construction, the Coca-Cola VMC 27's were frequently dented. To the best of our knowledge, the Pepsi VMC 27's were steel and less prone to damage, except rust. The vending drum is unique in that the center is hollow to house the refrigeration unit.