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Bevco B-180
Bevco B-160 Cut-away
Bevco B Series Casters


Vending Capacity:    6 1/2 oz. - 10 cases, 16 cases corded; 12oz. - 8 1/2 cases, 12 1/2 cases corded

Precool Capacity:    N/A

Dimensions:    33" high, 58 1/2" wide, 27 1/2" deep

Weight:    375 lbs.

Production Dates:    Mid to late 1940's

Price New:    N/A

Comments:    The Bevco B-180 is an open cooler that can operate "wet" or "dry". According to literature, the B-180 can make and release ice while operated "wet". Both sliding lids are stainless steel as is the top rail. The B-180 is slightly larger than the Bevco B-160. Optional equipment included single or double mounted faucets.

Bevco B Series Dividers

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