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Bernitz DEV-2
Bernitz DEV-2 Vending Assembly


Vending Capacity:    40 Bottles

Precool Capacity:    72 Bottles

Dimensions:    46" high, 26" wide, 26" deep

Weight:    250 lbs.

Production Dates:    Early to mid 1940's

Price New:    $266.00

Comments:    The Bernitz DEV-2 is very similar and may be the same as the Guiberson DEV-2. has an unusual vending process in that you look through a glass window on the top of the cooler while rotating the handle to select the soda of choice. Deposit a nickel or dime depending on coin device and remove the bottle. The precool area can be accessed via a side door. This cooler is considered to be a coin-operated version of the Bernitz DE-2. Also noteworthy, the literature lists the models as M-40 which vends 40 6oz - 8 oz bottles, XM-40 vends 20 12 oz. & 20 6 oz. bottles, and the SM-40 vends 30 12 oz. bottles. This can been verified on the order blank displayed below.

Bernitz Mfg. Order Blank Form

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