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Victor D-30
Victor D-30


Tank Capacity:    Remote Tanks

Ice Capacity:    N/A

Dimensions:    28 1/4" high, 15 1/2" wide, 14 1/2" deep

Weight:    180 lbs. (varies slightly on model, shipping weight-200 lbs.)

Production Dates:    Early 60's (1959 literature)

Price New:    Single Flavor - $278.65; Two Flavor - $323.45; Three Flavor - $362.65; Four Flavor - $398.95

Comments:    This self-contained electric pre-mix counter dispenser can be used on either counter or bar back installations. It was available plain or in franchise colors and design. This unit is complete with electric cooling and one dispensing value, with up to four dispensing valves available. Product containers; however, are remotely located. Model shown is the D30.

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