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Seeburg Marquee


Vending Capacity:   N/A

Precool Capacity:   N/A

Dimensions:    72" high, N/A" wide, N/A" deep

Weight:   N/A

Production Dates:   Early 1960's, 1964

Price New:   N/A

Comments:   The Seeburg Marquee Series was brought to our attention via a brochure and had little in the way of specifications. This is available as a four selection and seven selection Post-Mix Vendoer with two of the selections dedicated for Iced Tea. The brochure boasts the exclusive Seeburg Ice Machine has only two moving parts and recovery is so rapid that the machine never runs out of ice! Below are the marquees available at the time of the brochure ad.

Seeburg Marquees
Seeburg Marquees

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