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Victor 312 Photo Unavailable


Vending Capacity:   324 - 7oz. Cups; 276 - 9oz. Cups or 216 - 10oz. Cups

Precool Capacity:   N/A

Dimensions:   66 1/2" high, 23 1/2" wide, 23" deep

Weight:   305 lbs. (shipping weight 330 lbs.)

Production Dates:    Late 50's - Early 60's (1958 literature)

Price New:   N/A

Comments:   The 312 is small for a fully automatic Pre-Mix Vendor and has two flavor capabilities. The larger version is the Victor 412. It's interesting to note that the flavor selection is made by inserting the coin(s) into the coin slot that corresponds to the flavor of choice. The 312 came standard with a coin actuator and slug rejector available for 5c, 6c, 7c or 10c sales. The 312 holds four 5-gal., two 10-gal. or two 5-gal. and one 10-gal. product containers. Literature mentions a similar model, Victor 412 but with a photo. Since this documentation precedes the literature for the Victor 222-L, Victor 422-L, Victor 642-L and the Victor 962-L Pre-Mix Series, we feel the modelsVictor 412 and Victor 312 were manufactured in late 1958 into 1959.

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