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VMC 33-3D


Vending Capacity:   33 Bottles

Precool Capacity:   27 Bottles

Dimensions:   52" high, 25 1/2" wide, 17 1/2" deep

Weight:   231 lbs.

Production Dates:   Mid 1950's

Price New:   N/A

Comments:   The VMC 33-3D and the VMC 33 are nearly identical except for minor cosmetic changes. The most noteable is the coin door on VMC 33-3D is "one-piece" stamped steel instead of the previous "split-door" style. The "Empty" decals are yellow as opposed to the earlier white versions and stainless steel trim used on the top of the cabinet door in line with the top of the bottle chute trim. This trim hides the seam of these two-piece doors which are riveted together. We believe the two-piece door was manufactured for the purpose of producing different soda brands on the top section and attaching it to the standard lower portion. This process would obviously keep manufacturing costs to a minimum while still being able to manufacture a variety of soda brands. Generally, the most common VMC 33-3D's are of the Pepsi brand.

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