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VMC-144 Interior View


Vending Capacity:   144 Bottles

Precool Capacity:   12 Bottles

Dimensions:   78" high, 26 1/2" wide, 18" deep

Weight:   460 lbs.

Production Dates:    Early 1950's into the late 1950's

Price New:   N/A

Comments:   The VMC 144 came in a couple of versions as did the Vendo V-144 which is very similar. The manual version has a vending crank handle whereas the automatic version dispenses a bottle of soda once the correct change has been inserted. Early versions were painted all red while models after 1955 were painted with a "white top". Like the Vendo V-144, the VMC 144 also utilized signs mounted on the cabinet doors to attract customers. The model pictured is the 144SA which as you can see is a three selection automatic vendor. Also noteworthy is the fact that the embossed Coca- Cola version is very rare.

VMC-144SA Pepsi  VMC-144SA Coca-Cola

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