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Vendo V-216-3
Vendo V-216-3 Interior View


Vending Capacity:   216-6-10oz bottles or 186-12oz bottles; 50% Coke & 2 selections

Precool Capacity:   30 Bottles

Dimensions:   79" high, 35 3/8"wide, 21 1/2" deep

Weight:   N/A

Production Dates:   Early 1960's

Price New:   N/A

Comments:   The V-216-3 is similar to VendoV-216-1 except it has three selection capabilities. We have no documentation, but this may be the successor to the possible V-216MD, This would follow suit to similar models, such as the Vendo V-144-1 and the Vendo V-216-1.

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