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Quikold 300-B


Vending Capacity:    Corded: 288-8 oz Bottles; Standing: 144-8 oz Bottles

Precool Capacity:    N/A

Dimensions:    35 1/4" high, 66" wide, 27 1/8" deep

Weight:    482 lbs.

Production Dates:    1959 - Early 1960s

Price New:    N/A

Comments:    Quikold designed this cooler for sales locations with ice requiements up to 1,000 cubes in twelve hours. According to a brochure, the Model 300-B has a capacity of 15 aluminum ice trays that can be frozen in fours hours. Additionally, there's room for 175 ice cubes in the stainless steel container. Quikold states the Model 300-B has an ice capacity of 445 cubes. The two larger sliding lids provide access to the beverage cooler.

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