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Mills Model 120-B1
Mills Model 120-B1


Vending Capacity:    120 Bottles

Precool Capacity:    58 Bottles

Dimensions:    80 1/4" high, 26" wide, 27" deep

Weight:    650 lbs. (shipping)

Production Dates:    1946 - 1953

Price New:    N/A

Comments:    The Mills 120-B1 is not always embossed and can show up as any brand of soda from the use of decals. Coca-Cola's version had a Coke Bottle incapsulated in a plexiglass window on the main cabinet door. This feature was eventually dropped for some unknown reason in later versions of the Mills 120. We Believe this later version was called the Mills 120-B2. The Mills 120 machine was Mills second largest post-war machine with their largest being the Mills 240. It's an automatic vendor that accepts nickels, dimes and quarters with change giving ability. The Pepsi version displayed below is very rare, courtesy of Alan Huffman.

Mills Model 120-B1 Mills Model 120-B1 Pepsi

Mills Model 120-B1 Interior View Mills Model 120-B1 Interior View

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