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Glasco GBV-50
Glasco GBV-50


Vending Capacity:    50 Bottles

Precool Capacity:    25 Bottles

Dimensions:    41" high, 37" wide, 20" deep

Weight:    230 lbs.

Production Dates:    Late 1950's into the early 1960's

Price New:    N/A

Comments:    The GBV-50 sometimes referred to as the "Starlet" in brochures is a "slider" type vending cooler. It could vend up five flavors of various sized bottles. These machines are not embossed like the Ideal 55B, a close cousin. The access door on the side allowed the bottles to be placed into the rack as well as load warm sodas in the precool area. Being the GBV-50 was introduced in 1959, they usually had the Coca-Cola Fishtail Logo applied to the front of the cooler. One thing to note is that there are a few versions of coin mech housings as can be seen in the three different ones pictured.

 Glasco GBV-50

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