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Glasco Master Tech - Photo Unavailable


Vending Capacity:    N/A

Precool Capacity:    N/A

Dimensions:    N/A

Weight:    N/A

Production Dates:    1934

Price New:    $18.50 (complete w/ porcelain signs)

Comments:    This cooler was painted the dark Moroco green like many other Glasco/Glascock coolers. This cooler line was available in "Ice Refrigeration" and "Mechanical Refrigeration" like the other "Tech" coolers. Mechanical refrigeration coolers may be purchased through Kelvinator Refrigeration Co. and are referred to as the Kelvinator Standard Tech. We have no pricing information about the Mechanical refrigeration coolers from Kevinator. For an additional $2.00, the Duplex Refrigeration Feature could be added to either "Ice" or "Mechanical" version.

Tech Line Special Features:

  1. Extra heavy solid Celotex hot-dipped asphalt-coated insulation - a completely sealed one-piece insulation envelope.
  2. After fabrication, hot-dipped five-ounce galvanized coating on tub and top capping - 19-gauge tub, 15-gauge top.
  3. Everlasting cut-out metal porcelain-coated Coca-Cola signs mounted on special galvanized metal side panels, dual enameled.
  4. Temperature contact breaker door seal.
  5. Strip cork temperature contact breaker between tub and top capping.
  6. Flush type doors, special galvanized metal, dual enamel finish.
  7. Tub set in hot asphalt - a separate operation.
  8. Solid one-piece die-stamped top and bottom frames; continuous one-piece die-formed leg members, exceedingly strong.
  9. Designed so that any part, including porcelain signs, may be readily replaced if damaged from any cause. Your experience with cooler abuse should indicate the importance of this feature.
  10. Heavy steel frame 16-gauge metal, measuring a strong one-sixteenth of an inch in thickness.
  11. Die-cast drain fittings with lead compression gaskets; no solder or acid used to provoke rust.
  12. Special non-corrosive die-cast drain valves.
  13. Non-corrosive case bars or case slides. Extra large free-swiveling casters standard equipment.
  14. Solid brass hinges, monel pins, chrome plated; brass chrome-plated handles; brass nickel-plated bolts.
  15. Enamel finish, high-temperature bake prime coat, and finish coat in high-grade rich dark-green Morocco.
  16. Can be had with coin-control feature.
  17. Can be had with Duplex Refrigeration on Glasco Master Tech models.


Duplex Refrigeration:

For converting The Glasco "Tech" Master to a Dual Temperature Cooler

For converting The Glasco "Tech" Master to a Dual Temperature Cooler

This feature provides, without waste of refrigeration, a two-purpose cooler a dry compartment for bottled beer or other articles, as candy, milk, etc., with a temperature of 45 to 50 degrees; while the water and ice section refrigerates your bottled drinks to the proper temperatures of 34 to 36 degrees.

Many bottlers find this feature a help in keeping their product iced winter and summer.

Duplexed refrigeration may also be obtained in the Kelvinator "Tech" Master.

Sold As Added Equipment Factory Equipped Only

Glasco Tech Master with Duplex Refigeration installed

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