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 Glasco Leader-Line Junior - Photo Unavailable


Vending Capacity:    36 Bottles

Precool Capacity:    N/A

Dimensions:    N/A

Weight:    N/A

Production Dates:    1934

Price New:    $4.95 (complete)


   One note is that this cooler can be purchased without side panels for $4.25 and with unlettered side panels for $4.75. We're not sure if this cooler was painted red or the dark Moroco green like the Tech Line Coolers. This cooler line was available only in "Ice Refrigeration".

We have very little information about the Glasco "Leader" Line. A brochure we have enabled us to create the few pages within this site. The following is from the 1934 brochure introducing the New "Leader" Line of coolers from Glasco.

   An inexpensive cooler to meet your need for a low-priced cooler. In creating this line it was our policy to use only the best of material, scientifically, yet simply designed. The same heavy gauge metal is used in the frame construction that is found in our higher priced coolers; likewise, the same solid brass hinges and chrome-plated handles, the same type of solid Celotex asphalt-dipped insulation. Furnished with or without signs, as you choose. Casters, of course, are standard equipment on all of our coolers. This cooler is made in four models: The Junior one and-one-half case, the Standard three-case, the Standard Coin one-case, and the Master six-case. The LEADER Line is not furnished for mechanical refrigeration.

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