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Progress 183


Vending Capacity:   168 Bottles

Precool Capacity:   N/A

Dimensions:    34 5/8" high, 38" wide, 17 3/4" deep

Weight:   52 lbs.

Production Dates:   Late 1940's - Mid 1950's

Price New:   $23.50

Comments:   The Progress Line of Coolers were generally used at Special Events like baseball games, carnivals, festivals and other gatherings of people. Removable lids hindged in the center were optional as was the Portable Bar. The Optional Bar consists of a Formica top with satin aluminum trim and a heavy vinyl plastic curtain to conceal the cooler. The Model 181 came with a Starr X Bottle Opener and Cap Catcher. The 183 Model is slightly larger version of the Progress 181.

Progress 183 with Counter and Curtain
Progress 183 with Counter and Curtain

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