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Mayville 420 - Photo Unavailable


Vending Capacity:    420-12oz Cans

Precool Capacity:    85 Cans

Dimensions:    72" high, 38" wide, 29 1/2" deep

Weight:    810 lbs.

Production Dates:    Early 1970's

Price New:    $1,067.00

Comments:    The Model 420 is the larger brother to the Model 280. It's also a Can Vendor but can be converted to vend 6oz - 12oz bottles. The Bottle Conversion Kit sold for $19.50. According to a brochure, Mayville pioneered the "Solid State" Vending Machine. Their Solid State Interrogator is trouble-free, has no moving parts, assures space age reliability and speed of operation.

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