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Industrial Carton A-8
Industrial Carton A-8 Loading Drum


Vending Capacity:    8 Bottles

Precool Capacity:    2 Bottles

Dimensions:    12" high, 14" wide, 14" deep

Weight:    32 lbs.

Production Dates:    Late 1930's

Price New:    $19.50

Comments:    This has to be the smallest soda vendor produced! One has to question why someone would manufacture a machine that could only vend "8" bottles? On top of that, the larger version, the Industrial Carton A-12 vends two 6-packs! These coolers are "ice" refrigerated and have a little handle that is rotated to bring the next available bottle into view after the correct change is inserted into the coin slot. Industrial Carton Vendors are very rare and looked for by collectors. With the stand, the overall height is 38 1/2" tall.

Industrial Carton Stand

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