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Glascock Deluxe
Glascock Deluxe



Vending Capacity:    44 Bottles

Precool Capacity:    66 bottles in reserve, not refrigerated

Dimensions:    41 1/2" high, 31" wide, 29" deep

Weight:    245 lbs.

Production Dates:    Early 1930's

Price New:    $36.00

Comments:    The Deluxe Cooler was the top-of-the-line cooler from Glascock and was very expensive for the times. We are unsure if this model came in an "ice refrigeration" version, but the mechanically refrigerated versions are very rare. Like the other Glascock coolers, the Deluxe Cooler utilized panel inserts that could be replaced if necessary. Many times these inserts are damaged and difficult to repair so "good original" inserts are desirable. The Deluxe Coolers are painted dark green Morocco that has become so familiar to Glascock Coolers. The vending process is reminiscent of earlier coolers where the patron would take a warm bottle of soda and push it into the cooler to vend a cold bottle of their choice.

Glascock Deluxe

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