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Bev-Vend PS-712 - Photo Unavailable


Vending Capacity:    700 Cups

Precool Capacity:    N/A

Dimensions:    68 1/4" high, 29 3/4" wide, 26 1/2" deep

Weight:    450 lbs.

Production Dates:    Mid 1950's to late 1950's

Price New:    N/A

Comments:    This is Bev-Vend's largest "Pre-Mix" machine. Like the Bev-Vend PS-411, this machine doesn't require the user to press a crank handle to vend a cup of soda; instead, the user deposits the correct change and a cup drops down and begins to fill with soda. The PS-712 came in three versions: one, two or three flavor models and labeled PS-711, PS-712 and PS-713 respectively. As with the other Bev-Vend models, depending on the soda brand, some models had an illuminated sign on the front door.

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