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Establishing a Photo Album on Soda-Machines.Com

The following instructions should aid in getting a Photo Album setup in the SMC Photo Gallery:
Please take a moment to read this in its entirety as it may prevent problems.

Ensure that you have properly logged into SMC from the home page login panel. If you are not logged into the system, you will not be able to continue.

Navigate to the Photo Gallery and check to see that your username is visible in the lower right corner of the Photo Gallery main page.

Currently, there are three photo albums that you can use to setup a personal photo album. Choose one of the three that best relates to photos you'll be displaying. In theory, you could have a photo album in each of the three main categories/albums.

Once you have choosen a main album in which to create your new photo album, you can click the "Add Album" link at the top of the Photo Gallery Panel located on the left side of the window. This will present you with a series of text boxes for you to enter information.

Name: This field is required and my recommendation is you use your last name of some other word that can associate you and the photo album. This information is not displayed; it is used to create a directory on the server. Please do not utilize spaces; use under_score in place of spaces if necesary.
Title: The title is displayed and should be kept as short as possible for displaying properly.
Summary: You can leave this field empty as it's redundant.
Keywords: If you feel compelled, you can enter several keywords for searching by other viewers. Otherwise, justleave this blank as well.
Description: Enter a short but effective couple of sentences describing your new photo album. This is info displayed along with an album thumbnail that will be selected later.

Now you can click the Create Album button toward the bottom of the page.

You'll be presented with a Edit Album page with four tabs; the default being Album. My recommendation is leave these settings alone until you have everything unpoloaded and functioning.

I would like to bring to your attention to the blue links now displayed along the left side of the screen. Click the "Add Items" link to display the Add Items interface.

Here, there are several choices represented by tabs along the top to add photos to your newly created Photo Album. To simplify things, I would utilize "From Web Browser", "Upload Applet", "Link" or "Windows XP" depending on your experience and conditions. If you only have a few images, "From Web Browser" may prove the least intimidating to use. Lastly, you can add more upload boxes utilizing the "From Web Browser" tab by clicking the "More Upload Boxes..." link under the two boxes provided.

Once you have your new album and uploaded photos, you may want to assign a Highlight Photo. This is the image that will be displayed as the album thumbnail. Navigate into your album, decide which photo you would like to use for this purpose, click the pull down menu next to the image and select "Make Highlight".

I would like to mention that if you have multiple machines or other things needing to be displayed, create new albums within your main album and name it accordingly. This methodology will keep things in a more organized fashion for everyone as well as yourself.

That should do it ! ! !
If you have trouble or need assitance, don't hesitate to ask by Emailing Me .