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Westinghouse Corporation

of Springfield, Massachusetts began manufacturing chest type coolers exclusively for Coca-Cola in 1934. Westinghouse constructed their coolers so well that many of their machines can be found in operational condition today! Westinghouse didn't manufacture upright machines until the 1950's. Westinghouse created innovative designs of machines for Coca-Cola for some 40 years before ceasing operation in the early 1970's.


Westinghouse Junior
Westinghouse Standard
Westinghouse Master
Westinghouse Giant
Westinghouse WE-3
Westinghouse WI-3
Westinghouse WE-6
Westinghouse WI-6
Westinghouse WE-10
Westinghouse WI-10
Westinghouse V-4
Westinghouse V-10
Westinghouse BV-56
Westinghouse BV-240
Westinghouse DU-144
Westinghouse WC-42T
Westinghouse WC-96T
Westinghouse WC-160T
Westinghouse WC-240T
Westinghouse WC-160MD
Westinghouse R-1
Westinghouse WD-5
Westinghouse WD-10
Westinghouse WD-12
Westinghouse WD-20
Westinghouse WD-22
Westinghouse WV-6T
Westinghouse WH-5T
Westinghouse WH-12T
Westinghouse WH-22T
Westinghouse WH-14D
Westinghouse WH-23D
Westinghouse WH-35D
Westinghouse WC-44SK
Westinghouse WC-96SK
Westinghouse WB-66M
Westinghouse WB-78-6
Westinghouse WB-102-6
Westinghouse WB-126-6
Westinghouse WB-174-6
Westinghouse WB-222-6
Westinghouse WB-333-6
Westinghouse WC-10
Westinghouse WC-60-MD
Westinghouse WC-78-MD
Westinghouse WC-102-MD
Westinghouse WC-126-MD
Westinghouse WC-102-1
Westinghouse WC-174-1
Westinghouse WC-174-3
Westinghouse WC-174-4
Westinghouse WC-222-3
Westinghouse WC-222-4
Westinghouse WS-170-5
Westinghouse WS-240-6
Westinghouse WT-170-5
Westinghouse WT-208-4
Westinghouse WT-270-6
Westinghouse WBT-270-6
Westinghouse WBT-354-6
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