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a subsidiary of the Glascock Brothers Manufacturing Company located in Muncie, Indiana, was created sometime in the early 1930's. From this time forward, Glasco used their condensed name to identify the company. During this time, Glasco manufactured a variety of unique coolers exclusively for the Coca-Cola Company. Glasco is considered to be the first company approved by Coca-Cola for a pre-mix vendor machine. During the 1950's, Glasco perfected dispensing Coca-Cola in cups. Late in the 1950's, they re-entered the bottle vendor market with the model GBV-50 which resembled Ideal's Model 55B. In the 1960's, Glasco was then acquired by Universal Match Company.


Glasco Dual Rotary Coin
Glasco Rotary Standard Coin
Glasco Leader-Line Junior
Glasco Leader-Line Standard
Glasco Leader-Line Standard Coin-Operated
Glasco Leader-Line Master
Glasco Standard Tech
Glasco Standard Coin Tech
Glasco Master Tech
Glasco Select-a-Drink 72
Glasco Select-a-Drink 96
Glasco GBV-50
Glasco C-400-U2
Glasco G-500-L2
Glasco G-500-M1
Glasco G-800-M1
Glasco G-500-M2
Glasco G-800-M2
Glasco G-500-M3
Glasco G-800-M3
Glasco G-800-C1
Glasco G-800-C2
Glasco G-800-C3
Glasco G-800-C3T
Glasco GBV-60
Glasco GBV-112
Glasco G-500
Glasco G-800
Glasco G-125
Glasco G-140
Glasco G-170
Glasco G-185
Glasco G-204
Glasco G-222
Glasco G-240
Glasco G-330
Glasco G-396
Glasco G-1100-4
Glasco GFP-5
Glasco GFP-8
Glasco GFP-113
Glasco GFP-114
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