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FL Jacobs

began manufacturing machines for Coca-Cola and Pepsi in the 1940's while located in Indianapolis, Indiana. Later, around 1950, they moved to Traverse City, Michigan before going out of business in late 1953. Jacobs machines have a unique shape that many collectors nicknamed the "mailbox". This design has become a trademark of styling for F.L. Jacobs. Below is an excerpt that supercedes my previous comment regarding F.L. Jacobs closing its doors in 1953:

"In October 1954, F. L. Jacobs Company, a manufacturer of automobile parts based in Detroit, Michigan, announced that it had acquired both Mills Industries, Inc. and Selmix Dispensers, Inc. of Long Island City, Queens (another manufacturer of equipment in the vending and dispensing industries). At that time, the main products of Mills Industries were commercial ice cream freezers, frozen custard and milk shake machines and all types of vending machines. During 1953 and 1954, the company had added a new coin-operated coffee vending machine, a three-flavor beverage bottle vendor, a citrus fruit juice vendor, and an ice cream package vendor to its product line. The intention of F. L. Jacobs Company was to operate Mills Industries as an independent subsidiary. However, component parts for the equipment were to be produced in the factories of F. L. Jacobs in Detroit, Michigan, Traverse City, Michigan and Danville, Illinois. By September 1954, the controller of Mills Industries was James A. Pound. In November 1955, Mills Industries announced a project to consolidate, over a number of years, most of its operations in Traverse City, Michigan."

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