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Cavalier Corporation

produced soda machines exclusively for Coca-Cola in Chattanooga, Tennessee. Still located in Chattanooga; Cavalier machines, along with Vendo, remain as one of the original manufacturers of Coca-Cola machines dating back to 1935. Many coolers manufactured by the Cavalier Corporation were similar to Westinghouse designs through the years. Cavalier Corporation continued to manufacture soda machines/coolers and in December of 1963, the Cavalier became a division of the Seeburg Corporation.


Cavalier CI-3
Cavalier CI-6
Cavalier CI-10
Cavalier FE-3
Cavalier FE-6
Cavalier FE-6V
Cavalier FE-10
Cavalier CM-6W
Cavalier CM-10W
Cavalier C-12
Cavalier FD-2
Cavalier C-27
Cavalier C-33
Cavalier C-22
Cavalier C-51
Cavalier C-102
Cavalier CS-72
Cavalier CS-96
Cavalier CS-64C
Cavalier CS-64E
Cavalier CS-80C
Cavalier CS-80E
Cavalier CS-96C
Cavalier CS-96E
Cavalier CS-124
Cavalier CS-144
Cavalier CS-142E
Cavalier CS-148C
Cavalier CS-148E
Cavalier CS-244C
Cavalier CS-244E-4
Cavalier C1-55
Cavalier C2-55
Cavalier C-148C
Cavalier C-244C
Cavalier C4-96
Cavalier C4-244
Cavalier C5-144
Cavalier C5-174
Cavalier C5-222
Cavalier C6-168
Cavalier C6-174
Cavalier C6-222
Cavalier C6-244
Cavalier C6-320
Cavalier C9-871/494
Cavalier CC4-132
Cavalier CC5-125
Cavalier CC5-165
Cavalier CC6-246
Cavalier CC6-258
Cavalier CC6-342
Cavalier CC8-456
Cavalier CGD-C
Cavalier CMD-D
Cavalier CSS-64
Cavalier CSS-64 Craftsman
Cavalier CSS-64 Special
Cavalier CSS-80
Cavalier CSS-96
Cavalier CSS-120
Cavalier CSS-141
Cavalier CSS-142
Cavalier CSS-177
Cavalier USS-10
Cavalier USS-64
Cavalier USS-96
Cavalier USS-144
Cavalier USS-180
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