What type of freon should i use


Hi.  I'm getting ready to have the Kelvinator out of my V-39 recharged (as soon as I get a broken line fixed).  I've noticed that most of these machines say they use F-12.  Is this different from R-12?  I have access to 30 pounds of Racon Refrigerant 12 which a buddy of mine has for his cars.  Is this stuff compatible?  Thanks, Doug

Yep! "F-12" and "R-12" refer to the same refrigerant, Freon 12 I'd hide that Jug of R12 some place safe! it's like pure gold!
make sure that after your line is repaired that you pull a good vacuum for at least 30 minutes to pull all the water vapor out of the line, and now is a good time to install a new filter/dryer
(you can leave the old copper "hot-dog" dryer by the evaporator coils attached in line, it won't hurt nothing.) after that, leak check, & put in the proper weighed charge of R12 and you'll be good to go!    PS the amount required by the system is listed on the tag of the machine in "oz's", or listed with the replacement compressors spec. sheet.

Thanks Johnie.  I will keep the R-12 in a safe place.  This is the second time I've had to borrow it from my friend.  Luckily he didn't remember I borrowed it a few years ago.

My compressor deck looked pretty ratty when I got it but I've since painted it and rewired the whole thing.  I plugged it in for a second and it came to life.  Once I get the R-12 in I'm good to go.  Thanks again.


Has anyone heard of an automotive product called Freeze 12?  It is supposed to have qualities similar to R-12 but at a much lower cost.  A friend used it in his fridge and says it worked great.  I would like to put it in an old coke cooler that takes R-12.  Thanks for any advice/experience with this product.

I think I put some of this in my vehicles.  The guy at the parts house mentioned that it expands at a different rate than the freon that was in the cars.  I called myself putting in less than called for.  Actually, I added until the line got cool to the touch and the air felt good and cool from the vents. This was 1 or 2 years ago.  Seems to have done the trick for me at a lot less cost.
  No pro here.  Might be best to get a response from someone more experienced.


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