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Author Topic: V81D in for repair  (Read 737 times)
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This is fine...everythings going to be OK....

« Reply #20 on: November 19, 2020, 06:52:15 PM »

OK, I've finalized the wiring for the sold-out window LED light mod....looks real nice! positioning the lamp below the window using an old offset door lock latch-tab under the one cup-screw that retains the coin-bezel holds it in the right spot to illuminate the window & decal without casting any weird shadows, as you can see I routed the lamp sockets wire along the top of the inside coin-door so it won't interfere with either the door opening or the coin-path, I reused the old heater wire grommet as seen under the coin mechs duck-bill & out the back door & tapped into the door wiring harness for the ballast for bottle port light, this light will stay on 24/7 while the rewired bottle port lamp is now controlled by it's push-button on/off switch & is rewired for the prieviously install self-starter shown earlier...

I know some might say why bother with adding a lamp for the sold-out window. I basically just listened & worked with the customers whimsy to bring their little vision to life & besides it's fun & not your standard repair it & shove it out the door.  

another nice thing about the 10-watt LED bulb is it produces no heat or U.V light to damage either the windows back side silk screened masking or yellow the decal over time.

now to re-insulate the door & install the replacement liner & main door gasket as well as reinstall the refrigeration & a new toe-kick panel
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« Reply #21 on: November 21, 2020, 12:43:30 PM »



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« Reply #22 on: Yesterday at 07:41:00 AM »

Very nice JohnieG - well thought out & articulated & of course the great pics!

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