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Author Topic: VF90 Wiring Schematic  (Read 570 times)
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« on: December 15, 2019, 04:39:20 PM »

Greetings and thank you for your collective knowledge.  My first post and I believe I've scoured the previous posts about this; if I've missed it, my apologies to all.  I have had this VF90B-D for about 20 years and the R-12 finally decided to depart the compressor, which is the genesis of my request for assistance.  I recently acquired an overhauled compressor deck for the machine and in the course of swapping it in, I discovered the wiring harness to be an absolute fire hazard-in-waiting.  Thank God the compressor gave up the ghost or I may have eventually burned my house to the ground. Who would have thought 40+ year old wiring would begin to take on all of the characteristics of glass for insulation.  Yikes!  Lesson learned there for sure; just because it works, doesn't make it safe.  My actual problem is the wiring schematic - I have not been able to locate anything that can assist me with ensuring I have placed all of the wiring back to the correct configuration.  I tried to make sure I had pictures and sketches before removing everything but I am very uneasy to plug this in without a more definitive schematic - may be a habit picked up working military avionics - most likely it is.  Some of the wires defied removal and this has me a bit on edge.  I need to make sure the replacement harness I got is proper and then add in the evaporator wiring.  The pig tail to the door plug needed completely redone too.  What a mess.  Is there an actual factory schematic available anywhere to give me some mental confidence?  Thanks in advance if you are able to offer any guidance.  Tom (the harness pic is the new one - I opened it up to verify the connections.  It was a bit different; this is what has me nervous.)
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