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Author Topic: Got a Westinghouse Junior... Now What?  (Read 205 times)
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« on: June 03, 2019, 09:11:27 AM »

A couple weekends ago I picked up a decent looking Westinghouse Junior chest cooler from some farmer in the middle of rural Minnesota for a really nice price. It has a very amateur restoration done on it right now that will suffice for the time being but I want to get it restored and have a few questions regarding the process.

Here is a pic. It is a 1935 according to the tag on the bottom of the tub.

The body is in great shape, no dents, dings, rust or bullet holes. It looks to have just been painted with a rattle can and then hand lettered (horribly, including completely ignoring the back side). It looks great from 10 feet away but still.... The inside of the tub was coated with POR-15 and looks quite nice but the chemical smell when you open the lid is almost unbearable and there is no way I'm going to put ice and bottles in there and then drink from said bottles.
They painted over the cap remover as well as the rear hinges but I think some paint remover can take care of that. I can re-paint the letters the cap remover.
The gaskets are all original but I have already removed those and will be getting a new set from Funtronics shortly.

I have someone lined up to sandblast and paint it next month and I have a sign painter friend lined up to do the lettering for a nice price too. The wife is going to get me a new inner tub for my birthday so I got that covered too.

Now, some questions:

1. I know the tub removed from the bottom when you take the braces out, but how do the braces come out? I have yet to start chipping away at that tar / insulation so I cant really see how they are in there. Rivets, screws, pressure?

2. Do the new tubs from Funtronics need to be coated with anything, or is the metal used safe to just dump ice and bottles in right away?

3. Those little chains that connect to the lid to prevent it from opening too far... Where do those connect to?

I'm sure more questions will come up during the restoration.
Thanks in advance!
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