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Author Topic: Value on Vendo 110 on Ebay  (Read 814 times)
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« on: March 11, 2018, 08:16:56 PM »


Could anyone help me out with what a good value would be for this Vendo 110 Cooler?


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« Reply #1 on: March 12, 2018, 12:16:26 AM »

Wow, maybe $1,200. First, it's not restored as stated, it's painted only. Insides are original. Cap catcher appears to be a different color and has a cheap reproduction compressor. Looks very sloppy inside the bottle door. He states the machine is nice and also rare, neither are true. He's asking $3,500 obo, even if he takes half that's still $1,750 which is still too much. I would pass for sure.

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« Reply #2 on: March 12, 2018, 09:00:10 AM »

I agree with Ray. These are not that desirable, so you should be able to find one reasonably priced. They pop up in good original condition. Patience is a virtue.
It’s a six case Verticle, just splitting hairs here.

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« Reply #3 on: March 12, 2018, 05:45:45 PM »

Thanks everyone for the help!  I will definitely wait on it then.
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« Reply #4 on: March 12, 2018, 09:05:19 PM »

Also this is a 6-case self serve cooler NOT a "V110" cooler BTW... blush

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