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Author Topic: New To Vending Machines - General Questions about three of my first few machines  (Read 2150 times)
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« on: April 22, 2017, 08:55:33 PM »

Hello All,

I've read through quite a few of the forum threads here prior to making a few cheap purchases, 2 x Vendolator 56's , 1 Vendo VS92-3, 2 x Cavalier CSS-64,  and a very roached 7up VendiSelect (no model info visible). I got all these for an all in net cost of ~$225 after flipping a newer machine I found for free.

You'll see pictures of the last 3 machines at the following link

The Deeper Red Cavalier Serial 535114 looks in better condition but has had something done to the bottle stack so it vends without needing coins but isn't set up for a free-vend.

Question 1) Does that machine look like its already had a restore at some point in the past? (The Coke graphic on the front doesn't seem very high quality and it looks repainted inside)

Now that ties into, my second question. If you had to pick one of the two Cavaliers to get working, which would it be? The rusty base roached one with serial 39922 has the functioning cooling system, and the stack vends properly when a mech is hooked up. But it likely is going to need a lot more work because of the rust...

It also seems to be the older unit by the serial number, right?

For the VendiSelect, is this likely just best used as a parts piece for others? They don't seem very common (but in a bad way?) and the compressor is pulling locked rotor amps when I test it, and the paint job is flaking badly after 15 years baking in west coast sun.

Would love any opinions/comments/feedback about those three units - Ill post separately about the two Pepsi Vendolators shortly.



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« Reply #1 on: April 22, 2017, 10:32:16 PM »

Welcome to the forum.
Link to projects not advised as it will go away. Fix the machine with the least rust first.
Any questions just ask. Search function is your new best friend.
Soda Jerks
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« Reply #2 on: April 23, 2017, 08:29:08 PM »

      Welcome to the group Stephen!
      Most of us buy our first machine, then spend months looking for parts or parts machines to restore it.
      But those Cavalier late model 64's with wood grain and large coin entry area look too modern, and not worth restoring.
      You found your parts machines first, now put your time into the early model and get a return on your investment.
      I'm on the west coast also, and have some early model 64's (examples below) that need your compressors and parts.
      Even just the coin doors on these early models will interchange with yours.  P.M. me if interested.

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