Value of a coke machine


Hi i would like to know if anyone knows the value of a coke machine from the 6o's.
It is serial # 417400
model # CS 64 ES
Appliance Div. Coca Cola Bottleling C>
57 Amps
Cauloer Corp.

Thank you  It has been in my fathers barbershop for years

How old would you guess it is?
Please describe what it is like. Does it have a glass door? Cans? Bottles? Do they drop down?
Would it be possible for you to post photos of it? That would help a lot.
Great to have you here as a new member. Stick around.

Julie, you have a Cavalier CS-64 E. While probably the more popular of the cavalier line because of it's small size, todays market brings $200.00 to $500.00 depending on condition


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