Starline Beverage dispenser


Thanks to Signguy, I finally got one of these beverage fountains.. They are much bigger than I thought and not as practical for everyday use as I thought. It draws 3amps when the compressor is running and the fountain pump. Its a great party machine though... I got it all fixed up, painted the inside, replaced both motors as they were making horrible noises, made new covers all the way around and gave it a real good cleaning and sanitizing. I mixed up 3 gal of ice tea/lemonaide and its been a big hit. I filled and fired it up Friday night. I shut it down at night and when we are not home...

wow you did a great job on that.  I saw it at John"s house.

I Like it! 

Thanks.. Its a pretty cool machine. It did clean up well. I made all the panels at work, including the swirl front panel. Thats a piece of stainless we put the swirl marks in... The sides are gold hammertone. I'm going to paint the drip tray the same color once we empty the machine and clean it out.

WOW,,that looks great!, I'm sure glad it was resurected and not thrown away... That looks great!


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