Wurlitzer W64 soda machine (repro Vendo 44)

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I own a Wurlitzer W64 soda machine (repro Vendo 44). We bought it for everyday use and it has worked fine for almost 5 yrs. Recently it seems to not cool very well. I had some one look at it and he could not figure out how to access the refrigeration unit. Can anyone provide any info on servicing this machine? Any info you can provide, will be greatly appreciated.

Didn't it come with a manual?
I saw one once about 5 years ago, but did not look too closely at it.
Where are you located? Phoenix?
I am guessing that maybe the coils need cleaning - hope it is not anything more than that.


It did come with a manual, the electronic version can be seen at http://www.flippers.com/pdfs/W64Nostalgia_6_Coke0071134.pdf  The manual shows nothing regarding the refrigeration system. I thought I read in a post it slides out. The outer shell of the machine seems to be just that, so I assume everything may just pull out. Was looking for additional guidance.

I and the machine are located SW Chicagoland.

Page 5 shows where the cooling unit is, but, you are right, I see no other instructions regarding it.

I googled Deutche Wurlitzer GmbH as that is who the manual suggests to contact for service.
Here is what I found.

I'd browse the English side of the site and see if there is more system info or contact info. Maybe they have contract service guys in the USA or can provide guidance to you through email.
Good Luck!


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