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Title: Cavalier USS-8-64
Post by: WX5SCT on July 21, 2021, 08:56:57 pm
Hello, my names is Spencer. I am new to the forums and I’m looking for some help. I recently bought a Cavalier USS-8-64. It runs and gets cold, the coin mech seems to be working well. I have three issues, the vending mech isn’t unlocking to let you retrieve the soda after you put the correct change in. As I was checking things I found the J-Plug harness had two loose wires inside and they are jumpers of some sort. The wires come out of the harness and go down the black flex tube that goes to the bottom of the door and into the refrigeration area. I tried following the schematic. But I’m stumped on those two wires. I also have a ground wire on the coin mech side of the door and I couldn’t figure out where it goes. I didn’t see it on the service manual paperwork.  I’ve added a couple of photos of the harness. Thanks for any help!

Title: Re: Cavalier USS-8-64
Post by: FlaJunkie on July 22, 2021, 11:19:40 am

Sorry, I cannot help but have you tried searching here? Maybe a manual or another post may help you.